There are several ways of how to participate Summer Film School:

  • by purchasing a festival pass for any number of days
  • by purchasing a transferable ticket pack
  • by purchasing a benefactor pass
  • by purchasing a ticket to an off-programme event
  • zdarma (detaily naleznete ve Festivalovém průvodci)

You can purchase festival passes, ticket packs or individual tickets in My LFŠ

Festival Passes

Festival passes allow you to enter any film screening, expert programme event or exhibition on a respective day or period of its validity. It also allows you to book accommodation. All festival passes are also valid on the last day of the festival, August 1, no matter their period of validity.

1-Day Pass

600 CZK / 600 CZK*

2-Day Pass

1,150 CZK / 1,150 CZK*

3-Day Pass

1,650 CZK / 1,550 CZK*

4-Day Pass

2,050 CZK / 1,850 CZK*

5-Day Pass

2,250 CZK / 2,050 CZK*

6-Day Pass

2,350 CZK / 2,150 CZK*

*Discounted price – we offer a discount to students/teachers (we accept ISIC, ITIC, Alive, Alive ID or proof of study), members of film clubs (ACFC or ASFC cards), Czech Television employees, disabled persons and 60+ seniors. If you are a ZTP/P holder, you and your assistant are entitled to a 50% discount. All requests need to be made by email at

Benefactor Passes

If you want to support our festival, you can buy one of our benefactor passes. With this, you get free access to all festival screenings together with other bonuses. There are three types of benefactor passes, and you can purchase them via My LFŠ in the Merchandise section.

Benefactor Pass 1

6,000 CZK

Benefactor Pass 2

10,000 CZK

Benefactor Pass 3

20,000 CZK

Ticket Packs

The ticket packs come in two sizes (six or ten tickets) and are available in My LFŠ. The ticket packs are transferable. Seat reservation is not available for ticket holders. Online booking of accommodation is only available for the holders of festival passes, and the remaining capacity will be offered to all, regardless of their status, once the festival starts.

6-Ticket Pack

960 CZK

10-Ticket Pack

1,500 CZK