Summer Film School (SFS) is a festival held continuously every summer since 1975. The origins of the event date back to 1964 when the first film club seminar was organised.

SFS is a festival that offers a well-arranged film programme divided into sections presenting both history and current development of world and Czech cinema. Each film has its own place in our programme, each film is accompanied with an introduction or a follow-up discussion with its authors or film experts.

SFS is a festival that embraces diversity. It offers a wide range of concerts, theatre shows, workshops and discussions on current social topics.

SFS is a festival that provides a space for dialogue – between history and the present, film experts and filmmakers, guest stars and visitors, and all open-minded and open-hearted people.

SFS is a festival that takes place in the heart of Moravian Slovakia, famous for its folklore, winemaking, hospitality and unique summer atmosphere.

About the festival